What is twitter | Why Elon musk buy twitter - what is twitter blue tick and how to apply

Hello friend today our article for those people who want twitter blue tick or verify mark.

Today we will tell you how to get twitter blue tic mark | for full information read this article complete and carefully

What is twitter ?

Hello friends , firstly we will tell you about what is twitter. Probably guys you all know about twitter. But some audience don’t know about twitter. So twitter is a social media platform like Facebook . But twitter is very powerful platform. Almost all big actors , cricketer’s and big business men’s and women’s are on twitter and also all government departments are on twitter.

Why Elon musk buy twitter ?

Some days ago world number 1 richest man Elon musk buy twitter in 44billion dollars. It was very big amount of money. 44billion dollar is higher than many small countries GDP but if you think why Elon Musk invest 44 billion in twitter. So don’t worry I tell you everything.

Last month Elon musk announce her deal of twitter officially on his own account by tweat. After this tweet the news were spread were fastly. All news channels cover this news. Elon musk told he buy twitter to help humanity by open speach. Free speech is the bedrock of functioning democracy, and twitter is digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.

What is blue tick on twitter ?

In old days blue tick means your account is real. But now the blue tick means two different types either that account verified under the previous verification criteria or that your account has a active subscription of twitter blue. Twitter give blue mark to identify you. 

You were surprise to know about twitter have more than 100 millions account but there was only 89lakh verify twitter accounts. It means only 89 lakh twitter accounts have blue tick. However in nowdays people got blue tick very easily.

There are some rules of twitter if you follow this rules than twitter will give you blue tick mark very easily. So I will tell you how you get twitter blue tick and how you will apply for twitter blue tick. 

Verify account 

Before geeting blue tick make sure your twitter account is verified. Make twitter account verify is not a easy deal. For verify your account you want to create a profile. You want to give some details in your profile. There are some nessery details you want to fill in profile. Like you want to fill your official name , number , email id and your photos. Besides this details there are nessesry your account will be older than 6 month. If your account is not active from last 6 month then your account don’t be get verify and also you are not able to got blue ticks. If your account older than 6 month then you want to this things in profile details and then you were able to get blue tick marks. There are 6 type of profiles are able to get blue tick marks. Now I will tell you all profiles-

1. Companies 

2. Journalists 

3. Brands

4. Profile person

5. News organisations 

6. Activist 

How to get blue ticks? 

For geeting blue tick you want to apply this. There are a process of this. Now I will tell you process.

1. Firstly you want to go in twitter settings 

2. There you can sell a request verification option click on those

3. After clicking you want to chose category of blue tick

4. After this you want to provide a government issued identity card like PAN Card and also email id and the link of your website or other social channels this thing’s give help to twitters for verify your account. 

Important things for twitter blue tick ?

1. Make sure your account were followed all process 

2. Your account were be real

3. Your account must be 6 months old

4. After this thnigs if you get blue tic then fine or if you don’t get blue tick then you were able to apply another time after 30 days.

When is blue tick removed ?

1. If you are not active on twitter from a long time then you blue tick were removed with give you any notice

2. Blue tick will be removed even if any policy is violated repeatedly from your account.

3. Blue tick will also be removed due to frequent profile changing and misleading people.

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