What is Starlink Internet and when will it be complete?

Hello friends, today we will know what is Starlink Internet? This Starlink can also be understood as a network of orbiting satellites (Room Space Stars). They should be a part of the SpaceX organization, developed in 2015. The prototype satellite (Marine Satellite) was launched into orbit in 2018 to take the project forward.

And here SpaceX has also launched almost 1000 Starlink Satellites (Starlink satellites) very successfully. At the same time, in this year, under Starlink's mission, he launched about 60 satellites in 2021. The Kennedy Space Center for which he was used was also done using the Launchable Falcon 9 Orbital Rocket.

A report says that so far more than 1,737 or more satellites have also been installed, they have also been done in the shape of a Constellation. If all of you people want to get more information related to what is Starlink Internet and how it works, then you people have to read this article completely, only then you will be able to clear the doubts arising in the mind of the people.

Who started Starlink and when? 

Friends, let us tell you that Starlink was started in 2015 by Elon Musk. Elon Musk started Mass Protection of small satellites so that he could prepare Starlink Satellites Internet Constellation (Starlink Satellite Internet Constellation). And let me tell you that not only can Internet service be provided all over the world, but with all this, the tasks of Scientific, Exploratory (exploratory) and Military can also be done very easily.

What is the speed of Starlink Internet Service?

So friends, if we talk about Starlink's Internet Service here, then it is very fast and all the users say that it gives speed from 50 to 150 megabits / second (MB / second) to all the users.
And let us tell you that if the weather is bad then its speed can also decrease and if there is good weather it can increase, so it depends on the weather.

This company is working equally because it will launch more satellites. So that to install more ground stations so that they can make their Starlink Internet service very good and better and can also increase its speed.

And in the coming time, Elon Musk has also claimed to reach its speed up to 300Mbps. So that according to him, at the end of the year itself, a huge increase in its speed can be seen. So all of you people must have come to know how fast its speed can be.

What is the cost of Starlink Service?

Let us tell you that initially the price of Starlink Service has been kept around $ 499 and then in which you people will be given Mountable Satellite Dish, Router and then you will also be given all the necessary Hardwire, which you will have to install in your own homes.

Then there you people will have to pay $ 99 per month to get their Unlimited Internet service. So that you guys can get all the services and yes friends, this is just the price for now, it may be that after its launch in India, due to competition, it can also be cheaper in India.

How does Starling Internet work?

If here once a user takes a new Starlink Internet Connection, then a Starlink Kit is given or provided to that user and that user gets Starlink ( The Dish ), Power Supply, Mounting Tripod and Cables in it. Along with WiFi Router also.

And friends Starlink needs very clear skies to do its hard work, and in this way the user has to use Starlink App. Friends, to download this app, you will get it through Apple App Store or Google Play Store only. And with the help of this, you can find the right place to install Starlink.

And Starlink needs a clear view of the sky because here the Starlink satellite dish is directly connected to the satellite, which is described as Starlink single beam and here the satellite also runs. Yes, the beam also moves and any obstacle here can also interfere with the beam, due to which the Internet connection can also be interrupted as a result.

It is sending this satellite on behalf of the company and along with it more and more ground stations are also being set up for back end support.

Where is Starlink Internet currently available?

Friends, let us tell you that at present Starlink Internet is present in only a few countries of the whole world, but it is constantly going to include all different places in itself. If we talk about all the countries where Starlink Internet is present, then the countries that come in those countries are US, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Portugal, The UK, Australia, And New Zealand.

And in the coming time, efforts are being made to make Starlink Internet available in other countries and India, Poland, Italy, Spain and Chile are going to be included in all these. There is some controversy going on Starlink in India with the Government of India but it is expected that Starlink will soon be available in India as well.

When will Starlink Internet come to India?

Starlink is set to launch 2 Million Active Terminals as well as Branded Services in our India in 2022 but talks with Indian Government have not received any message. It is expected that Starlink will come to India soon and with its arrival, there will be a revolution in the field of Internet in India.

What are the benefits of Starlink Internet?

Friends, now we will know what are the benefits of using Starlink Internet. In this we get to see Potentially Fast Download Speeds and Unlimited Data of about 150Mbps (in today's time) service at a very affordable price and it has Lower Iatency and Traditional Satellte (Traditional Satellite) is enough as compared to Internet. .

What are the disadvantages of Starlink Internet?

Friends, here we will know what is the harm of using Starlink Internet. Friends, if seen, the price of its equipment is very high, Limited Availability (in today's time) Speeds and Latency is very bad. Compared to other available internet options, Starlink Internet does not work properly in the below places.


Friends, in today's article, we learned that what is Starlink Internet and when will it come to India? In this article, I have given all the information about Starlink Internet to all of you. If you liked the information given in this, then definitely share it with your friends, thank you very much for reading the article!

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