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Guys, not everyone is involved in this business. Friends, now something digital is happening, so today in this article you will learn about online top 5 online business ideas in Hindi.

Friends, today's young generation does not feel much in studies, after doing a limited study, they want to do their own business in their mind and friends, this is not wrong at all, doing your own business is the right decision. Because in today's era it is not possible for everyone to get a government job.

Friends, when this lockdown-like time came in people's life, people came to know one thing very well and understood that at such a time only a businessman can live his life comfortably and very easily and many people This understanding has become the basis of many businesses being established or established.

Friends, you people already know that if seen in today's time, many such businesses have already been established in the market, so in such a situation, you people should have your people to do their own business. There should be many good business ideas.

And friends, if you want to know about all these things, then you have come to the right place, through today's article, I will tell you about Top 7 Online Business Ideas. Which you can start even in 2021, so let's know friends who are you Top 7 Online Business Ideas in Hindi.


Friends, first of all, I will tell about YouTube, so that all of you can start online business too. So all of you people must know that YouTube is the second largest search engine for the world after Google. Friends, millions of people keep visiting YouTube all the time, due to which the popularity and popularity of YouTube has increased even more.

Like friends, there are many people who have something to do but no time and there are some people who have time but nothing to do. So in such a situation, YouTube is a very good topic for startup in your business.

Friends, this is just a little different from blogging, you people have to write about your topics in blogging and on this YouTube you have to make videos. Friends, if there is such a quality in you people and you want to earn money with its help, then YouTube is a good option here by which you can earn money.

Just what happens is that your 1000 Subscriber and 4000 hours of Watchtime have to be completed, then after that ads are shown on your channel so that you can earn good money, because money is received from Ads only.


Friends, blogging is in second place in this list and this is such a business that you can start even without money. Or you can also invest some of your money in it. And friends, let us tell you that blogging is such a business, through which you have good knowledge of any subject such as Computer, Electronic, Motivation, Business, then you can create your own website and write articles on all these topics on it. You can also earn good money.

In the beginning, its growth will be very less, but friends, as you start publishing more and more articles on it, then you will see the change yourself. And friends, first you can do it part time, then as soon as you start getting good money in it, then you can also do blogging full time.

And friends, the biggest thing that is needed in this is patience, you should have patience because friends, after starting any work, it takes time to get its result. And blogging is a very good way to start your business in 2021, you guys must consider it.

3.Graphic Designing

Friends, you all know that the world of technology has progressed so much nowadays and nowadays technology plays a role in the growth of everything and big companies are taking the help of technology for marketing all their products. And people are doing their business online only.

In the midst of all this, the form of Graphic Designing has increased a lot, the scope of Video Marketing has spread so much that many people and many companies are also engaged in the search of Graphic Designing.

That's why friends, if you have information about Graphic Designing, then you can earn very good money through websites like Freelancer, Aapwork and can do your own business and also increase gradually. And if you do not have any knowledge about Graphic Designing, then friends, you do not need to take tension at all, this is such a scheme that you can learn even in 2-3 months.

4. Digital Product

Friends, by the way, you all know that nowadays the time has become digital, along with the demands of the times, everything is becoming digital through technology and internet, business has also become online nowadays and friends, you can take advantage of this opportunity. can also pick up

And if you people also want to start your business, then you can create a digital product and sell it online and you can earn a lot of money. But for that, you people must have a good Followers Bass.

And for that you have a good number of followers on social media like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. So you can also start the business of Digital Product and Digital Products like Ebook, Courses, File etc. are also included.

So friends, you can use Instamojo for Online Payments as well as for selling your Digital Products and with the help of this you can also take Online Payments by selling Digital Products online.

5.Website Designing 

Friends, you all know that with the help of internet, nowadays everyone wants to take their business online, the most important thing before starting online business is having a website. Because friends, you can make your business online only through the website, all the business information and product information is also available on the website.

Friends, if you guys also know website designing, then you should not delay at all. While wasting your time, start the work of website designing and earn a lot of money sitting at home. Friends, even if you make people a better website than WordPress for business, then you can still earn a lot of money.


What was learned (Conclusion) 

Friends, I hope you liked this article in which we learned about Top 5 Online Business Ideas in Hindi. In which we learned about different types of online business and I hope that you will definitely start one of these businesses, our best wishes are with you.

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