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After pubg ban KRAFTON launch new game Bgmi . In India Bgmi craze is very high . About 50 million users download this game . And many best YouTubers in Bgmi . Now i tell you top 10 youtuber of pubg . We only add streamers so some youtubers not in list like gamexpro , casetoo , legend x , bandookbazz , g guruji .


Video  = 1,100

Supporters = 6.6M

VIDEO VIEWS = 920,710,984

Channel CREATED = Sep 24th, 2013

Mortal known as Soul Mortal is one of the greatest landmark liners in India. Newman Mathur AKA soul mortal was brought into the world on 22 May 1996 and is likewise the head of the family SOUL. The spirit mortal has his YouTube feed named Mortal and is additionally the most elevated streaming and bought in BGMI-based divert in India. He is one out of the Top 10 BGMI Youtubers in India 2022


Videos = 370

Supporters = 865K

VIDEO VIEWS = 58,037,702

Channel CREATED =Jul 27th, 2018

Eight-bit tag is prevalently known as the head of a bitch faction and is likewise the skipper for the group.

He's been playing PUBG since it began and is streaming it starting around 2018, and from that point forward he has won many honors and investment in India as well as internationally.

Animesh Agarwal otherwise called a piece Thug is considerate and has a colossal fan base contingent on his interactivity and nature. He is rank second in the rundown of Top 10 BGMI Youtubers in India 2021.

3)soul snake

Videos = 705

Supporters = 1.15M

VIDEO VIEWS = 161,844,821

Channel CREATED = Dec third, 2018

Soul Viper is otherwise called Yash Paresh Soni is an individual from the spirit and is likewise one of the most adorable players of Soul. He was otherwise called the rifleman of the group when PUBG was live. He has a colossal fan base as his reflexes are exceptionally quick and he plays it with the two-finger control framework.

He has a YouTube channel named SoulViper and is one of the most known individuals from Soul. He is on rank four in the rundown of Top 10 BGMI Youtubers in India 2022.

4). Dynamo gaming

Videos = 1,627

Endorsers = 9.72M

VIDEO VIEWS = 948,974,906

Channel CREATED =Jul 21st, 2010

Dynamo gaming is one of the greatest YouTube directs in India with a supporter count of around 5.66 million endorsers.

Dynamo known as Aditys D Sawant is from Pune and has been playing and streaming games for quite a long time is and is otherwise called one of the most renowned Indian gamers playing PUBG versatile and presently he has landed himself on milestone portable.

In a new occasion, Dynamo was blamed for utilizing import through which he has acquired a ton of disdain and a decline in the fanbase, yet at the same time, he has an adequate number of fans base which will keep him in the main five of this rundown.

5) Meow16K

Videos = 750

Supporters = 56.4K

VIDEO VIEWS = 4,223,505

Channel CREATED = Dec second, 2013

Saloni Pawar AKA Meow16k was brought into the world on September 20, 1999, in Maharashtra.

Saloni Pawar is one of the greatest female BGMI Youtubers in India 2021.

She has an immense fan base and is as of now top on her endorser list.

6) Octo Owais

Subscribe = 582K

VIDEO VIEWS = 84,329,918

Octo Owais is otherwise called Soul Owais as he was a previous individual from the group. Owais is additionally answerable for the triumphant of the PUBG portable India series as he was the MVP for that competition. Owais, later on, got a name as octopus as he plays 8 fingers-based gaming. He is additionally behind aficionado and he went along with them and presently goes under them.

7) Gareebooo

Video = 1,132

Supporters = 1.22M

VIDEO VIEWS = 137,098,862

Channel CREATED = Jun nineteenth, 2018

Gareebooo is probably the greatest player of BGMI India and right now has an enormous viewership consider he plays BGMI with India.

Gareeb is additionally known for his Shayri and voice-changing substance that has been on the lookout for some time.

His genuine name is Kunal saraf from Kolkata. His wry tone made him well known and is one reason that he has an outshining supporters count of more than 1 million endorsers.

His substance is exclusively founded on acquiring and is likewise one of the profoundly appraised gamers, however he doesn't play official gaming and kind of plays wry gaming.

8) The Rawknee Games 

Video = 1,360

Supporters = 2.5M

VIDEO VIEWS = 433,617,430

Channel CREATED = April fourth, 2017

Rony Dasgupta is otherwise called the Rawknee gaming is one of the greatest landmark portable decorations in India is otherwise called perhaps the best player.

He began his YouTube venture while he was 16 years of age and right now has more than 1.4 million endorsers.

His channel is fundamentally centered around portable gaming and is otherwise called the observer for versatile contests held in India.

9) Rakazone Gaming

Videos = 1,657

Endorsers = 425K

VIDEO VIEWS = 127,584,551

Channel CREATED = Jan fourteenth, 2016

Rakazone Gaming is one of the most well known gaming diverts in India. Rishab Karanwal is behind the channel.

He is additionally known for playing PUBG, CS GO, and other gaming stages.

He has a tremendous supporter count of more than 400k endorsers.

10) CarryisLive

Videos = 900

Subscribe = 9.39M

VIDEO VIEWS = 1,036,095,509

Channel CREATED = Jan eighth, 2017

Convey Minati is the greatest gaming YouTuber in India. Ajay Nagar otherwise called Carryminati has 2 YouTube accounts, one is "carryislive" and the other one is classified "Convey Minati".

Both of his YouTube channels have aced the supporter depend on their classification.

carryminati right now has in excess of 10 million endorsers and is likewise one of the most youthful YouTubers to get so.

He is at present 20 years of age and is likewise one of the champs of cutting edge pioneers by time magazine. He is likewise liable for carrying India to a worldwide gaming level.

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