How to play free fire in PC

Hello friends, welcomes all of you to our site. Friends, in today's article we will talk about how to play Garena Free Fire in Pc . Actually this is a mobile game, but we can play it in computer also. So friends, first of all I will tell you about this game and then I will tell you how to play it on pc..

What is Garena Free Fire

Friends, this game is like PUBG. Garena Free Fire is a third-person shooter battle royale game. 50 players can play in this game. In this game, you are dropped from a plane to an unknown island with the help of parachute. After that you have to compete with each other and survive till the end.

In this you get 10 characters. After the game update, more may come. As soon as you start the game, you will get 2 characters which are Adam and Eve. As you progress in the game, the second character will be unlocked. To unlock the second character, you will have to pay game points without money.

How to play Garena Free Fire Pc 

This game is available for android and ios platform. So you can play it in mobile, but now I will tell you how you can play it in pc. To play the game in pc, you will need a software which is called emulator. There are many company emulators available in the internet that you can use. But I will tell you which is the best emulator, so that this game can run smoothly. Bese there is a lot of emulator, like Bluestacks MeMu KoPlayer Nox Droid4X tencent gamming buddy.

Free fire runs better on bluestack and tencent. So you can use both these emulators. So let me tell you how to install both of them.

Bluestack is a very popular emulator. In this you can run many games. First of all you have to download bluestack. After that install the emulator in the system. Below I have given step by step and pc requirement.

✪ Download bluestack emulatator and introduce in pc

✪ Open bluestack

✪ After open go to application focus peruse for nothing

✪Download garena free fire from the application community

After establishment you are prepared to play

Minimum requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or more.

Processor: Intel or AMD Processor.

Slam: Your PC should have basically 2GB of RAM. (Note that having 2GB or more circle space is certainly not a substitute for RAM)

HDD: 5GB Free Disk Space.

Recommended requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10

Processor: Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor

Designs: Intel/NVidia/ATI

Slam: 8GB or higher

HDD: SSD (or Fusion/Hybrid Drive

How to Install Free Fire Tencent Gaming Buddy Actually Tencent Gaming Buddy is used more for PUBG. But now other games are also slowly becoming available in it. Recently Free Fire has also become available in it. then you can install. Below I have given step by step, and also the PC requirement.

Introduce the tencent gamming amigo

Click on game community

Peruse with the expectation of complimentary fire and introduce

After establishment you can run the game

Free fire best pc player-


King PROSLO is a Free Fire gamer of Indonesian server. In 2022, he is viewed as the world's best Free Fire player. His organization name is NESC-IND, and he has arrived at the grandmaster level ordinarily. Dyland Pros is the name of his youtube channel, where he has over 9.5 million supporters.

2.Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is a well known name in Indian server. He is one of the top 22% Free Fire players on the planet. His abilities are convenient in short proximity battles, and he additionally has a fair speed. Gyan Gaming is the name of his youtube channel, which has north of 5 million endorsers. You might need to check his youtube channel to advance a few strategies and procedures from him.


On the off chance that you are a player in the Indian locale, you probably heard the name SK SABIR. SK SABIR is a talented Free Fire player in the Indian locale. He is mostly known for long-range battles. His society name is BOSS, and he has arrived at the top in Free Fire ordinarily.


RAISTAR will be the ideal solution to the well known inquiry, who is the quickest player of Free Fire? Raistar is a well known player of Indian beginning. He is seemingly the quickest player of Free Fire. Assuming you see raister interestingly, you might consider him a programmer as a result of his inconceivable speed. He has a high headshot rate in view of his precise point and is notable for mid-range battles.

5. TSG Jash

TSG Jash is one of the most skilful players of Free Fire. With these abilities, he can win any positioned coordinates and arrive at the grandmaster level easily. Alongside his companion TSG RItik, he possesses a youtube channel called two side gamers, which has more than 6.1 million endorsers. You can visit their youtube channel whenever assuming you wish to watch them play.


So friends, you will know Garena Free Fire Pc. Use the emulator that I have told you, you will find it easy to play the game. Friends, I hope that you will like this article. If you liked this post, then do share it. I'll see you next time with a new article. Till then goodbye. Have a nice day


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